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Quick tips for brightening up your home this new year

If you’ve been thinking of warming up your home, then spring is the perfect time. There are plenty of different ways that you can improve your home, through things like colours, furniture and lighting. Here are a few tips and tricks for those of you that are excited to recreate your living space.

1. Clear the clutter
This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s easy to forget when your caught up in the excitement of redecoration. When moving things around, like your TV or fragile ornaments, make sure your floor is cleared of any trip hazards. This is just to be sure that nothing will be damaged during the redecorating process.

2. Use Mirrors for Natural Light
A lack of natural light in your home can make it look dreary and affect your overall mood. If you find that a room in your home lacks natural lighting, an idea would be to places mirrors directly across from your windows, instantly brightening the room up.

3. Family Photos
What better way to make your house feel like a home than surrounding it with people you love? A few family photos around the place are sure you make your home just that extra bit cosy, be it pictures of parents, kids, cousins, friends or partners. The great about family photos it that they look great anywhere in the house, so you’re spoiled for placement choice.

4. Softer Colours Make Rooms Feel Larger
Dark rooms tend to feel more boxed-in and tight, and fair enough if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, however if this isn’t what you want it can be a problem. People usually want their living rooms to feel open and spacious, which darkness can often hamper. To lessen this issue, consider using furniture and materials that have a much lighter tone to them as they make the room more spacious as well as help with natural lighting.

5. Artwork
Hanging paintings on your wall can really add character to your home and if you don’t currently have any, you should seriously consider getting some. You can look online or visit charity shops to find yourself a nice, cheap masterpiece. The placement of your painting is just as important as the painting itself, as an out of place art piece can be more aesthetically strenuous than pleasing. It’s also important that the painting is hung at the right level, as a painting too high or low can also make it seem out of place.

Hopefully you find at least one of these ideas useful. You’ll be cosy before you know it!

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