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5 quick tips on starting that spring clean

Spring is just around the corner – so here’s 5 quick tips to get you started on that spring clean.

As long as you are organised and tackle it in stages, should make it just that bit easier. Make sure to clean one room at a time, to avoid confusion. It’s best to use five  bags, baskets or boxes with a different purpose for each one.

1. Put Away Box: Use this bag or box for your items that are lying around in the living room or kitchen but are not meant to be there. Fill the bag and your room will instantly look clearer. Now return the items in the bag/ box to where they are meant to be.

2. Recycle Box: Any paper, plastic or glass etc. You’ll likely already have some forms of recycling bins in your home but whilst decluttering the room just keep them in here.

3. Fix/Mend Box: Any items that require fixing or cleaning. Make sure you actually intend to mend them though, otherwise it’s just taking up space.

4. Rubbish Bin: Just any unrecyclable rubbish that can go straight in the bin

5. Sell/Donate Box: Any old clothes, toys, video games, decorative items, if there’s still a use for it you could sell it online or at a car boot sale. Alternatively, you could give the items to a friend or even donate it to a local charity shop.

The final trick is to put in 15 mins every day for 5 days and do that last bit… put those things away, drop off that box to the charity shop and upload those items for sales online.

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