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Get Switched!

Switch your property management to Cosey Rentals and receive up to £500 cash back

For a limited time only we are offering the landlords of St Helens an opportunity to switch property management providers whilst also getting a lovely bit of cash. Depending on the rental value of your property you could receive up to £500!

The following cash back offers are up for grabs. (Based on the rental value of the property)

*£1000pcm+ = £500 cash back
£500-999pcm = £300 cash back
£320-499pcm = £200 cash back
£200-319pcm = £100 cash back

Call now to speak to one of the team, and get switched!

A recent expansion in the company means that we are now able to offer a much more engaging service. As a result we want to extend an offer to you that would be difficult to refuse, and show you the level of service and interactivity we can offer.

Being a letting only agent, our focus is on lettings and managing residential property only, meaning our ability is much more honed towards your needs. All of our energy and resources goes into creating a bullet proof property management service. We have invested heavily in developing an infrastructure that is focused on filling properties with quality tenants, quickly, then managing those tenancies with efficiency and to the landlord’s specifications.

If you come over to Cosey Rentals, you will benefit from our brand new interactive and engaging management system. Our specialised accounting software and landlord account login areas makes it easy for Landlords to keep track of payments, maintenance, tenancy dates and renewals. Our process creates complete transparency and so you can see what we are doing to manage your property effectively. You’ll be able to see exactly how we are dealing with issues and managing your property without having to talk to us direct.

With landlord payment runs taking place three times per week you’ll never have to wait long to receive your rent once your tenant pays, and with competitive tenant find rates, if your tenant does decide to leave, we can find a new one quickly and efficiently updating you every step of the way. You’ll even be able to see the details of each viewing we do, with reactions and feedback we receive using your online landlord profile.

As you can see, it makes sense to move over to Cosey Rentals, St Helens number 1 agent dedicated to lettings & property management. Give us a call now, and talk to one of our team. We’ll have you and your tenant set up in no time.

Full terms and conditions: The property in question will be managed for a fee of 10%+VAT of monthly rent. The tenancy and property must be currently managed by a property management company and not an individual. You agree to cosey rentals managing the tenancy/property for a minimum 24 month period. The property is currently tenanted, rentable and in a good state of repair. Offer is subject to an inspection. We must see a current tenancy agreement and tenant must be under no notice to leave or have any known intention to leave. Periodic tenancies will also be considered but must be declared and are subject to a tenant/tenancy review. The cash reward will become refundable if any of the terms and conditions are breached. Cash back will be paid after the receipt of the first collectable rent. Offer open to new customers only and is subject to managerial discretion.

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