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Notice something different…We’ve given ourselves a makeover!

How do we look?! We’ve recently undergone a bit of a change, in fact we have completely reinvented our visual identity. Hope you’re enjoying our new website, have a nosey… Click all the buttons!

The changes come on the back of a company wide strategy to stay competitive and current in light of industry changes and innovations. We hope that in modernising our image and the way we do business we can compete at the highest level and deliver the best possible service to all of our clients, landlords and tenants. A service that not only surpasses that of the average local agents but which can compete with the service delivered by the national agents.

Along with renewing our image, we are also making moves to continue the improvement of our service by redesigning some of our internal processes. Introducing new software that will underpin everything we do will improve the way we manage properties and our efficiency in doing so.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant you’ll be sure to see the difference in how we interact with you and the speed in which we deal with your requests.

Our new look boards will begin to appear around St Helens within the next few weeks so keep a lookout for our trademark key icon outside all of our Cosey Homes

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